Why you can’t find your passion

I used to find it difficult to enjoy the simple joys of life because I focused so much of my emotional, mental and physical strength on finding an answer to “what is my passion in life?”.

It’s so interesting to know that there are so many people who feel this way!

After much time and money spent and wasted, sweat and tears, distress, and hours upon hours of reading studying, and coaching programs, I finally came to the valuable understanding around this concept of finding your passion.

I’ve found that taking action on my abilities has been the key to my passions. I have so much life and work experience, and it will be a pity not to share them with others and help them go through their tough times.

How about you? How would you like to use your skills and knowledge to help people? Could it be through a blog? a book? There are so many things you could do.

Everybody has a different approach to passion finding – usually with a splash of their own uniqueness of some kind. A great start would be for you to find your own unique approach and style and take action.

If you engage yourself in doing the things you love to do, it would bring enthusiasm into everything you do, and bring you so much joy. And yes, people will notice how very positive and passionate and happy you are becoming. And it will be the beginning of a new perspective for your life and work.

On today’s episode, you will learn that:

  • Taking action on your natural talents and strengths leads to fulfillment.
  • The only way to feel your passion is by taking action.
  • Now, have you ever had trouble figuring out what your passion is? – if so, How did you eventually become aware of what it is?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

With lots of love,