If you were looking at my inbox right now, you’d see a common trend. Tons, and tons of emails. Most of them, promotions and SPAM.

I have a SPAM email with the subject – @otaosese FIX Your Instagram.

And another one that says – Let’s talk marketing 2021.

Then there’s a promotion email with a title that says – Find Career Direction in Your Passion and Feel Better.

Aha…let’s not forget the sales emails from business coaches and authors which I always seem to get.

I love business and marketing (as you can see from the trend of emails in my inbox). I also love personal development, success stories, money topics, branding, mindset, and style. All of this is linked to my love of entrepreneurship and being influenced by people, narratives and ideas leading change.

However, when I am bombarded with sales emails like this, I usually delete most of them and unsubscribe from some others.

If you’re a business owner or salesperson, do you wonder why people aren’t buying more your products?

If you look around you, everywhere you turn someone is selling something! Status updates, social media, YouTube, blogs – you name it. There’s someone telling you about the deadline to pay for a product, a summit you need to sign up for, and so on. There are practically no limits to selling these days, especially online.

But is there such a thing as selling being too aggressive and annoying? And is it possible for businesses to be more compassionate and aware of the people they serve or want to serve? Of course.

The great news is there’s a remedy. In today’s episode of OtaoseseTalks, you will learn the key to selling more without being brash and selfish.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Right now, what’s one step you can take to move your most important marketing effort into more sales?

Let me know what that action is, and then go right ahead and do it.

Thank you for watching and sharing your insights and ideas, yet again.