We go through our days, chasing one thing or another – someone else’s idea of who we should be, money, work, perfection, validation, people, what’s new, possibilities – rarely stopping to consider the vanity of it all. The truth is, by constantly chasing the next thing we have reduced ourselves to humans merely stressing over insignificant problems.

All human beings yearn for meaning. Many of us have chosen a relationship with God as a good place to find meaning. Some others resort to politics or charitable contributions to find meaning.

I believe that life has so much meaning. I believe that everyone alive on earth has an inherent purpose granted to them by God. Although, over the centuries and even in our world today, there are fundamental idealists who question the very existence of God, and the essence of life. Regardless, I believe that God is the ultimate source of meaning in life.

One amazing thing about God is that He gives us free will to live our lives. So, we have control over what we decide to do. However, God wants us to use our free will to choose his will. Which means contrary to religious ideas that we are constrained by some man-made moral codes, In God, we can live our lives freely doing what we enjoy. I personally believe that it is God’s purpose for us that gives life meaning.

Sure, you can go around believing that God does not exist, and that life has no meaning. But in truth, that just leads to suffering and unhappiness for an entire life. At the very least, we should open our minds and do our best to discover and develop our true selves which will give meaning to our lives and bestow on us a purpose to live for.

So, spend your life doing something that helps you fulfil the most authentic and highest expression of the life God gave you.