The significance of saying “Yes” cannot be trivialized.

As you might have observed, when the word “Yes” is said at the right time, it’s a transformative force. (Oddly enough, saying “Yes” has its drawback as well).

However, far more powerful than saying “Yes” may be this new productivity-boosting habit.

This is not just some philosophy. In my life and business, I have been trying it out and seen the impact firsthand. Actually, I’ve been really excited about it!

And this is, the practice of saying “No”.

In today’s episode, you will learn exactly what this practice of saying “No” is all about, and how to do it right.

I would love to hear from you now. What is your favorite way to say no?

In the comments below, tell me at least one way you will begin to say “No”. In your response, be specific and detailed.

Whatever the case may be, focus on the positive result of your effort to say “No”.

Feel free to be as detailed as possible.

Thank you very much for contributing to the discussion with your voice.

For the other person, a straightforward “No” may be easier and less frustrating than an ambiguous or noncommittal “Yes.” And nowhere is this more relevant than in our relationships.

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