This is How Powerful Your Mind is

How to cultivate a powerful mindset.

I believe that our minds and our thoughts are responsible for how well we live and the kind of legacy we leave behind. Our thoughts shape who we are and who we will become.

As Dr. Caroline Leaf says in her book Switch On Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health:

“You cannot sit back and wait to be happy and healthy and have a great thought life; you have to make the choice to make this happen. You have to choose to get rid of the toxic and get back in alignment with God. You can be overwhelmed by every small setback in life, or you can be energized by the possibilities they bring.”

Many of us long for change but maintain the same patterns of thoughts and behavior. The most exciting part, however, is that once we recognize our habits, they can be hacked and altered, enabling us to manifest greater wellbeing, happiness, and health with nothing more than the power of our minds.

Most people over the age of 30 operate in programmed behavior mode, i.e. Learned patterns, given by our subconscious mind through familiar routine as we go about doing, feeling, and thinking.

It’s all too easy to get lost in small thoughts and caught up in the daily tasks of running life and business. But, I believe the most important life and business tip ever is “With God all things are possible”. This statement sends a swell of energy into you. This is the number 1 tool that has been a driving force in my career and my life.

I use this affirmation all the time in my business as I explore ways to grow my audience or make my blog show up in search results. You’re always going to obstruct your potential when you have limitations, doubts, and feelings of “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough”.

From when we were born until we were 7 years, we downloaded the data that formed into programs that help us run our lives. Sadly, most of us are operating by self-sabotaging and limiting programs.

So, how can our programming be changed?

By applying mindfulness, i.e. presence and conscious living, we can forge new mental habits and begin positive thoughts, habits, and emotions rather than negative ones.

The mind is a strong, energetic resource, and we must be genuinely aware of what we allow in through our Eyes and Ears on our path to bring our unique gift to the world so that everything we focus on to help our greater good expands and not contracts.

So, choose to focus with steadfast belief on the power and inevitability of your dreams, and that focus will lead you to magic and wild fun that you’d never imagined, and the ability to help others in incredible ways.

Take a good, hard look at yourself, because hopefully, you won’t see yourself in the same way again by the end of this article. When you look at yourself you look at your own reflection, but what you’re really seeing is an organism made up of trillions of harmoniously functioning cells.

And that’s why our physical wellbeing is influenced greatly by our thoughts. So if your doctor tells you that you’re going to get sicker, but you believe that you’re going to get healthier, your cells are going to respond in kind, and there is the possibility of a self-fulfilling manifestation playing out.

Do not let the times that are hard for you shape your vision of yourself. Have a vision for yourself in your heart that is so solidly planted that the view of your current tough circumstances will be something that is going to pass. Have the curiosity and brightness of a child for your outlook on the world, show up as authentically as possible, and do not be afraid to be at rock bottom. Get your mindset to a place of abundance. There is more love, juice and joy with you.

We each emit a field of energy waves – positive and negative interactions. Through this energy exchange, we impact the world around us with the thoughts we have. Knowing that our thoughts are more important than we might have previously credited them with, we can practice noticing the patterns of thoughts and feelings we tend to fall into, whether it’s negative thoughts about ourselves, our skills, or other people, and actively correcting our thoughts before new habits are formed.

So, here is my final take on this: You need to intentionally focus on your spirituality and a real relationship with God. Also, you need to learn how to write down the issues you are experiencing and how to brainstorm possible solutions. This will help develop your curiosity and help you manage your mind better. We cannot be perfect, but we can continue to give our best and grow with time.