I seriously wish I could go back in time to show myself what I now know. Ten years ago, the thought that there was a way to make your life better with some behavioral tweak would seem ridiculous. I wish so much that I had started expressing what I now know, 10 years ago.

Most people think that anxiety is what’s holding them back from beginning something new. So, they spend so much time trying to evaluate or neutralize their anxiety but doing this only keeps them trapped exactly they are. In fact, there is one simple theory that can change your entire life if you struggle to get yourself started – whether with a project or a life change. If you just knew this one thing.

You see…years ago, I didn’t chase the life of my dreams, because I believed I wasn’t good enough. I thought that only certain people get what they want, that life was unfair, and that you shouldn’t bother to dream big.

Here’s the fact…

The enemy isn’t fear. Waiting for the right moment is.

If you are ready to stop delaying and get kickstarted now with your big idea or life change, watch this episode asap.

The One Simple Idea That Can Change Your Life” is our topic for today. This talk is packed with practical insight, so pour yourself a delicious cup of coffee of something you like and grab a journal. Because you’re about to find out:

  • The reason why thinking you aren’t good enough is nonsense
  • An objective look at the simple concept the transformed my life. PS: it’s nothing complicated *wink*
  • Life tip: how to use the ONE simple idea to change your own life and…
  • Much more!

In addition, it’s going to make your life a lot more exciting, interesting, and fun, too!

I would love to hear from you now.

What is the most valuable perspective you’re taking away from this interview and what particular step are you going to take to bring it to life? In the comments below, let me know.

Feel free to share as much as possible. Your comments could help create a positive breakthrough for someone else.

Thank you for expressing your thoughts and sharing your voice. Your voice matters, now more than ever.

With all my affection,

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