Have you ever set grand goals or resolutions, and after a while got deflated because your expectations were mismatched against your reality?

Maybe you expected your results to come sooner. Or you got tired because you felt you weren’t making enough progress. Or maybe you projected too far ahead and got drained waiting for the win.

Or maybe you’re too bullish with your goals…

The reason I’m sharing this is because I can relate with this personally.

If your big goals have ever paralyzed you and held you back from drastically improving your life, this OtaoseseTalks is for you.

In this episode, you’ll learn three essential keys that will guide you towards making big improvements in your life. Especially if your big goals are some of the things that are in your way.

I would love to hear from you once you’ve had a chance to watch it.

Is there a venture you want to start, but you’re putting it off because you’re afraid it’s too big and you’ll lose motivation? I would love to know how you can immediately apply the three keys to move yourself forward.

What’s one essential and profoundly personal habit that could fuel you to dramatically change your life if you focused on it every day?

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Feel free to share as much as you want to, your comment could help someone else make major progress.

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If you’ve been meaning to make drastic improvements to your life, know that you can do that one day at a time by setting and accomplishing small bite-sized goals that can be completed in one day or one week.

I hope you’ll use these three keys to take committed actions and improve your life one day at a time.

With lots of love,