How To Find Your Definition Of Success

Success is defined as, achieving results expected or hoped for. It is possible that in the past week, you might have watched some YouTube videos, or read some blog posts that had something to do with success or, more directly, how to be successful. We rarely feel the need to come up with our definition of success, since the world has already given us one.

For a long time, I felt a little torn between a more conventional perception of success (big money, high-paying job, etc.) and my soul’s unique calling. However, since I became intentional about the journey of my life and work, I’ve been happily defining and re-defining what “success” means to me. When you have the confidence to challenge what you are doing and, most importantly – why you are doing it, you will be on the brink of your creativity, truth, and enduring fulfillment.

For me, the only measure of success I want to use is how I feel internally, at the core of my being. So, speaking, writing, positively affecting the lives of others, making money, and of course, the love of my family and friends are critical in my overall definition of success. Also, I consider “time” to be the primary currency, so success will mean having plenty of time and space to express my fullest potentials.

The fact is none of us can ever obtain true success going by the way the world defines it. It is just impossible. But, it is time to take a step back and re-define success. I believe a part of success is honoring your inner child and their dreams!

Redefining success begins with critically looking at the social roles and norms you have accepted that drive your attitudes and aspirations. It may be difficult for you to complete this exercise on your own, so reach out to others to help you identify the things you are currently chasing after vs your core values and beliefs.

One of my main goals is to help other people discover their true selves and be fulfilled as well. And so, I contribute in a healthy, emotionally aware, and exceedingly kind way to the world daily – and this is one of my successes.

When I was little, I wanted 3 things in life:

– be around my family

– be a wife

– be a mother

A few years ago, I added one more:

– fulfill my purpose and leave something behind that helps and inspires others.

I am now a mother of 3 incredible daughters and I am happy and feel more fulfilled with them. The purpose part is in full gear, and leaving something behind is a lifelong work in progress.

I am happy just making daily contributions, enjoying my family, and knowing I am doing the best I can every single day.

What about you? How would you define success? What are the things you are currently pursuing in life? And what would you change? Who are you becoming? How do the people who influence you define success? What do you want success to look like with your family and friends? What sort of life do you want for the people you serve?

The best and lasting definition of success focuses on service to others – giving unselfishly to the people you love and serve.

I would hope I am a better person than I am now when I hit the end of my life. I would like to believe that maybe I have done something worth doing, shared something worth sharing, learned something worth teaching, told someone something they really needed to hear, and meant it, become someone worth being, and fulfilled my purpose without failing to appreciate the journey.

The world’s concept of success focuses on collecting things and viewing those things as easy wins to conquer or accumulate. Your definition of success needs to be about the people God puts around you. If you want to be successful in life, you need to be intentional about improving your relationships.

Thanks for reading.