Are all the great books on sales and persuasion overwhelming you? You know those ones that tell you how to:

  • Negotiate anything.
  • Get what you want.
  • Master mind control and persuade anyone.
  • Influence people.
  • Sell yourself.

There are lots of books and resources on persuasion. I’ve read tons of books on effective selling and persuasion. And I’ve experienced information overload.

That’s not to say that all books on persuasion are bad. Reading a good book that cuts to the chase and homes in on the nuts and bolts of effective selling and persuasion, is a smart use of time in my opinion.  

But in the wider sense, it’s easy to let expert opinions and pressure from bosses and co-workers sweep you away from the genuine essence of selling to or persuading anyone.

Before you know it, you have all this information but don’t know how to apply them, barely aware of the mess you’re making with how you’re communicating with your customers and prospects.

Signs Your Persuasion Is Ineffective

It’s natural to think that you’ve succeeded in persuading your customers when they concede to your point of view or whatever it is you used to win them over.

Most times, we usually don’t say what we mean or mean what we say because we try to be politically correct, we fear rejection, and we want to be diplomatic.

But you don’t have to misinform your audience or compromise your negotiation efforts in order to persuade someone to desire and accept whatever it is you’re selling to them.

In order to move from the sphere of thoughts and intentions to that of words, awareness, decisions and action, persuasion must cross the bridge of communication.

Here are some signs you’re not persuading effectively:

  • You try to compel other people to adopt your ideas, products, or services.
  • You don’t make the effort to understand their point of view.
  • You overlook opportunities to agree with them and connect.
  • You shower them with dense and misleading compliments.
  • You manipulate them by giving suggestive ideas.
  • You don’t believe in yourself and so you undermine your credibility.

The Risk Of Ineffective Persuasion

Many people are unaware of how badly they fail to persuade and communicate with others, regardless of how many times they get turned down. Although their ambition may eventually compel them to score some wins.

However, one way to figure out what’s working is to first become mindful of what’s not working.

You may not be able to recall lost opportunities and unfulfilled relationships. You will not be able to reverse the manipulative tactics you have already applied.

But it’s worth taking the right steps to learn powerful persuasion skills to positively influence the decision-making and behaviour of others, to not only meet your own goals, but that of your organization as well.

6 Ideas To Help You Be Truly Persuasive

In the video below, you’ll get 6 ideas that will help you become truly persuasive. It begins with putting aside your personal agenda.

Think of it as a quick exercise you can always go back to when you need a refresher on tips for setting your own desires aside and focusing on what the other person has to say instead.

Don’t just think about what you want, let them know you care. When you make it your first priority to consider the needs of your customers, you will see that there is no need to start the conversation with an elevator pitch.

Have a notepad and pen handy, you would need them for this one.

I would love to hear from you after you’ve watched it.

What fresh insights have you gained and what steps will you take to be more persuasive?

Feel free to share as much as you want to.

Your comment may just be what someone needs to make a quantum leap in their life or work.

Thank you very much for watching, sharing your thoughts, and taking action. Keep getting to know your audience. As you know, people are more open to ideas when they believe the other person cares.

This is an urgent call to pay attention to your persuasion skills. Training, practice and hard work are required though.

With Abundant Love ❤️,