Find Your Purpose in Life

I am sure you have heard stories of athletes or artists or even people you know personally who have known and pursued their passions and purpose right from their childhood. And deep within you wish you knew your passion or your purpose. The truth is your purpose is within you waiting to be released. Think of your life’s purpose as an expression of who you really are. Most times, it is our fear of judgement or need for validation that paralyzes us and prevents us from exploring our true selves and expressing our unique creativity.

I allowed myself to be discouraged by a “mentor” a couple of years ago when I told him one of my biggest dreams and he basically told me that was ridiculous. This year, I made a commitment to be myself in my life and in my business and to stop allowing fear and doubts to hold me back.

Ultimately, you want to get up every day excitedly with a fresh zest for life. So, the first question you should ask yourself is “WHY DO YOU WANT TO FIND YOUR PURPOSE?”

Before you go any further reading this post, grab a piece of paper or a note pad and a pen and get your mind ready to work.

Caveat: Discovering your life’s purpose takes effort and hard work, be ready for these and embrace them. In addition, when you discover your life’s purpose, you will have an opportunity to shape your own destiny. The Real commitment is not only discovering your purpose, but making it work. Commitment is at its best despite doubt.

Being human, you will feel an initial resistance – which is typically fear – invade your entire mind when you first begin your purpose journey. The main reason for the resistance is to keep you in your comfort zone. Once you understand this, it will be easier to destroy those fears. You will be able to look them square in the fact and act anyway. This will teach you to develop courage which you will lean on throughout your journey.

I have been playing at being halfway in my coaching business for about 3 years now. I teach self-awareness, and over time I have learnt to surrender in front of my audience, to tap into my innate learnings and teach out of service without worrying about how trendy my style is, or if people do not like me – it has been beautiful, and I have found that the people I am meant to teach find me.

Now that you are ready with your pen and paper, or notepad, let us dive in.

Describe the details of your perfect day. Make sure you think about this question and write down as many specifics as possible. You can even go down memory lane and get some ideas from your dreams as a child or as a teenager and get some thoughts to put here. We all had ideas as children but ended up giving them up for the sake of practicality. Think about some of the things your parents had to drag you away from as a child or teenager and write them down.

I know I am going to do big things, I do not know the how or what in details, but in the meantime, I am deploying myself daily and teaching my audience self-awareness because that is my direction for now. I remember someone who used to be really close to me, whenever I called him to convey my excitement about my new project or dream and also to get some tips from him, he would tell me to hold on to 5% of the dream, and tell me that I need huge sums of money to pull it off, and that it is probably not going to work out. I decided recently to flush all that advice straight down the toilet.

Keep writing until your heart is full. Next look at all the answers you have written down and select the common ideas on your list. Do not worry if you are unable to connect any of the common ideas for now, just let your creativity soar.