What we’re talking about today is often the biggest fear for most people.

(#glossophobia = fear of public speaking. Usually used to describe public speaking and speech anxiety but believed to affect most people and equally limits their level of confidence and success in life and business.)

This particular fear of public speaking is often as a result of our mindset and gets triggered when we think that nobody wants to hear what we have to say. Sadly, it could also lead to chronic lack of confidence.

That’s when you never actually want to speak in front of an audience because you’re too afraid and self-conscious.

Typically, the thought pattern goes something like this…

“I can’t do it. I can’t speak in front of all those people. Why me? Why would anyone want to hear what I have to say? What’s the use in trying? They will reject me anyway”.

Does it sound familiar?

It’s a natural feeling. We’ve all had those kinds of fearful thoughts at some stage, no matter how confident, forward-thinking or talented you are.

And the more you progress in your career or business, the more you’d be required to speak in front of people.

But don’t be afraid, because we have a remedy for the “What would anyone want to hear me speak” fog in today’s OtaoseseTalks.

This episode is really, really important for you to watch.

Especially if you’re a career person or a creative entrepreneur who needs to speak about your work.

Your voice matters. Your thoughts matter. Your perspective matters. And the world gains something extremely valuable when you share it with your unique voice.

I would love to hear from you now. Which of the tips strikes a chord with you the most, and why? Or what are you going to do to get yourself out of the “Why would anyone want to hear me speak” fog?

Feel free to share as much as possible. Your contribution could really help another person grow beyond their comfort zone.

Thanks a bunch for making this community completely awesome and contributing to the discussion.

With so much gratitude,