Does Life Have Meaning

I believe THE most important question of all is “What’s the purpose of living?” Your answer to this question will immediately reveal your faith, your idea about the world we live in and the outlook for the future, your level of personal belief in God, and even your thoughts around life after death.

Over the years, my views on my faith, life, and death have evolved from merely knowing that I am Christian, to finally discovering who I am in Christ and developing my own personal relationship with God – which continues to help me live my life in a way that makes me happy. In the past, I was not conscious of this, and I let myself get sucked into my fears and anxiety.

The unknown scared me, and the fact that I believed something I detested was going to happen to me whether I liked it or not, filled me with despair. This feeling of despair was terrible and frightening but was also necessary to start the intensely rewarding journey of self-discovery that I embarked on. During my period of existential crises, I took an intentional shot at Bible reading again.

In the last few years of my banking career, I was desperately seeking freedom from the typical work schedules where you have to report every minute of your day, so I asked God for guidance on my next career choice. I then got a strong nudging to resign from my job (I did not audibly hear God told me to quit my job, what I know is that I felt a very strong prompt in my heart to leave my banking job at the time), I liked the idea and went for it.

I believe in God. I believe very specifically that He is the ALL-KNOWING supreme being who resides in heaven and has control over every movement and action of life both in heaven and on earth. In God, I have a sustainer who helps me find meaning in life despite knowing that human life is finite – Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. As humans, we seek freedom to wander the world, to feel love, to identify with people, to enjoy companionships, and derive satisfaction from being with others.

My commitment to myself is freedom to live my life in such a way that will please God. I have given myself permission to breathe. I am an artist who wants to live true to herself with appreciation and humanity. I am working on daily developing my understanding of and relationship with God. Living on purpose is key.

You have something unique to contribute to life and you will find satisfaction and happiness in that.