Most common ideas on the internet about living a meaningful and fulfilling life lack purpose and are also generalized. And most of these ideas point to achievements. For example, focusing on achieving a goal of reading the entire bible in a year (achievement) instead of focusing on developing the habit of reading the bible for 30 minutes every day (growth). A growth mindset will help you not only achieve the goal of reading the entire bible, but also head on to other aspirations like developing a close relationship with God and so on.

To live a purposeful life means to develop an attitude of growth and intentionality, and to strive for it every day.

If you have not already, you can begin to develop the following attitudes in any area of your life:

Develop an attitude of gratitude – no matter how bad things may be in your life, there is always something to be grateful for. For me…committing to 10-minute daily meditation, lying in silence, and meditating on God’s goodness in my life and for my loved ones has helped.   

Start exercising. This will make you happier and improve your health. Daily exercise works for me. I now focus on exercising for 30 minutes a day without pain or injury to build up my fitness and endurance.

Find a way to express your creativity. One of my biggest desires is to help make an impact in the world one day at a time. I know what it is like to feel like “I do not matter.” For me, an opportunity to spread love through my channels – blog, youtube, instagram, word of mouth – with others and watch them apply it and flourish is a source of joy for me.

Be kind to other people, daily. I recently decided to go all in on creating my Life Coaching Business grounded in kindness, empathy, gratitude, love, happiness, creativity, and patiently helping people learn and grow at their own pace.

Work on your relationships. My focus is on cultivating meaningful relationships with myself, my family, and an exceedingly small group of friends. I am working on building distant relationships through WhatsApp conversations and finding ways to add value to the relationships that matter to me.

Step beyond your comfort zone. I intend to share with the world my journey of stepping and living beyond my comfort zone. I know that if I am taking action steps every day, over the next month, next year, and for the rest of my life I will keep growing and flourishing.

Teach people the things you have learnt. My goal is to start teaching. Gradually remodeling my study corner for my YouTube videos. As a mom, my priority is also on teaching my daughters to take great care of themselves wholesomely – spirit, mind, and body – to value themselves, and to love themselves unconditionally.

Try as many new things as possible. I am trying as many new things as possible. Starting a new business and letting go of the old junk that has been limiting my mental and financial success. It is going to be great. Started working out daily from the first week of June and have worked out consistently almost every day since then.

Focus on your own dreams. I wrote down my dreams, I believe them, I have received them, and I walk every day in the consciousness of the dreams. I decided to be committed to myself and my dreams. This year, I will be starting my own business and through the grace of God fulfilling my dream of working for myself and the people I will serve from here on.

Take some time to discover your purpose. Today, you have a choice to carry on your life as usual or consider this post and become intentional about discovering your purpose in life. Taking control of your life is difficult. But you are here, committed to what matters: your purpose, your potential, your work, your relationships, and your happiness.

I wish you all the best.