5 Strategies That Train You For Better Decision-Making

About 6 weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about the importance of having dreams to believe in (https://otaosese.com/what-to-do-if-you-dont-have-any-dreams/) and going after them by focusing on what is truly important – believing in yourself, in your vision, in your skills and talents.

One of the lines that struck me about what I wrote is:

“Begin to take simple action steps today that will put you on the path towards achieving your dreams.”

The concept here is clear. The secret to success is making the right decisions over and over.

If you made the right decision every single time, think of what you will be able to do. If you always resisted your ex’s texting for example, or always went to bed at the right time, or always made whatever good choices you needed to.

You’re going to be completely unstoppable. Especially if they are the right decisions.

But these things are difficult. No matter how much you want to make the right choices every time, there will always be a battle between your emotions and your logical thoughts. I’ve taken courses and attended coaching programs on decision-making, so I know that it’s a delicate matter that involves different portions of the brain.

Today I want to share 5 simple strategies that help me improve my decision making. Meaning, when you apply them you will get closer to making the right decision every time.

This is significant stuff.

Your decision making not only affects you now, but it also influences your future. Making good decisions is especially important if you have (or intend to) have children or a family of your own.

I would love to hear from you once you’ve had a chance to watch it. Do you have any simple decision-making strategies that have made a positive difference in your life?

In the comments section below, tell me about them. I can’t be the only one sharing strategies! Remember to share as much as possible. Your comments and suggestions may give someone else an idea that will cause a major shift in their own decision-making.

Hey, the ability to make the right decisions and take action is a beautiful opportunity to do tremendous good. Here are 3 action-oriented episodes that will help you make better decisions you might want to watch:

Thank you, yet again, for so kindly reading, watching, and sharing. Creating and publishing these episodes fill me with such enthusiasm every week, and that is mainly because of you.

With so much respect and affection,